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Shipping Policy

Thank you for shopping with us! Here's our shipping policy to ensure a smooth experience

Gift Cards: We offer two types of gift cards, deposited and verified. Both types are delivered electronically via email or on our site.

  • Verified Gift Cards: As of October 2023, over 99% of the cards on our site are Verified Gift Cards. For Verified gift cards, you'll receive the eGift card essentially immediately via email or on our site, typically within 60 seconds of blockchain verification. Verified gift cards are those where a WaterMelonMarkets (WMM) Service Admin has verified on the brand's official site that the card is valid. The gift card redemption information is stored within WMM, and we can reveal it to you right after you pay for the transaction.
  • Deposited Gift Cards: For Deposited gift cards, the actual delivery time is up to the seller and should be listed within the item itself. If no delivery time is specified within the item, the default delivery time is within 1 business day (US Eastern Time). For example, if you order a Deposited gift card on Monday at 10 AM, the seller should reach out to you with the full information by Tuesday at 10 AM. If you order a Deposited gift card on Friday at 10 PM, the seller should reach out to you by Monday at 10 PM.

Physical Items: If you've purchased physical items, we will provide you with tracking information shortly after your order is processed. You can track the delivery status of your items using this information.

If you have any questions or concerns about shipping, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to assist you!

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