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Sell Gift Cards in Bulk

Grow sales with the right customers.

Grow sales with the right customers.

While primarily a peer-to-peer site, WaterMelonMarkets now partners with hundreds of national and regional merchants to help grow their gift card programs.


Customer Acquisition

Drive foot traffic in store and online with highly targeted incentives.


Revenue Growth

Boost basket size and average order value with consumer overspend.


Brand Loyalty

Increase purchase frequency of your best customers.

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Hundreds of gift cards at 20% to 70% off!

20%-70% or more, what are you waiting for?

By leveraging WaterMelonMarkets as an incentive marketing platform, brands can connect directly with customers who buy gift cards for personal spending. In fact, we can competitively price those cards to “incentivize” buyers to lock in their dollars and guarantee future spend online and in your stores.
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