Sell Gift
for Cash / USDC

Get hard cash in USDC for your unwanted gift cards.
Have good gift cards you can't use well? Sell them for cash / unrestricted USDC.
What's the name of your store?

Example: Home Depot, Amazon, Target.

(if you have multiple stores, choose your top gift card - you can always add more later.)

Earn cash in 3 easy steps

List Your Card

List your card on Watermelon Markets. You can choose to list with verifiable Full Redemption Info, or you can keep all info private and just pay a small deposit to list.

Buyer Buys the Card

Wait for your card to be accepted and bought. Remember, the bigger the discount, the faster the sale. You are secure knowing that all buyers must pre-pay in USDC crypto before they get any gift card information.

Get Paid

Once your card is confirmed good, your funds are released, often with a day. Your USDC funds are as good as cash -- they're not subject to further holds or chargebacks, you can use it like cash immediately!

Sell Securely: Buyers Pay First

Why Sell on Watermelon Markets?

A: No fees, No chargebacks, All cash.

Sellers are protected because all buyers pay USDC through the SafeEscrow system. SafeEscrow requires buyers to pay cash (USDC) upfront before seeing any gift card details, minimizing buyer fraud risk, and eliminating chargeback risk. SafeEscrow also doesn't allow the buyer to get their funds back generally unless you explicitly approve -- reducing buyer dishonesty.

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