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Our Guarantee

At WaterMelonMarkets, we prioritize your satisfaction and peace of mind when it comes to buying and selling gift cards through our platform. Our Trusted Guarantee ensures a secure and reliable experience for all our users.

For Buyers

We understand the importance of receiving a working gift card. Our commitment to buyers includes:


Instant Delivery

With our Verified gift card system, enjoy the convenience of instant delivery. Your gift cards are ready for use as soon as you need them.


24/7 Support

Our support team is here for you around the clock, ready to assist with any issues you may encounter.


Money-Back Guarantee

If all conditions are met, we guarantee a refund in case of any unforeseen problems with your gift card.

Buyer 100% Guarantee Details

On top of the SafeEscrow system, WaterMelonMarkets (EVG Inc) has an additional money back guarantee. Simply buy your card on WaterMelonMarkets, and if the card does not work as expected due to no fault of your own, we'll refund your full value, with us personally backing the guarantee. To qualify, simply buy your card; most cards are Verified Cards, which means you'll get your redemption info immediately; you'll need to check the value on its official site within 60 minutes of receipt, and if the official site displays a problematic value, write into support right away; you'll need to use the card within the first 24 hours as well, if there is a problem redeeming, email support right away; and you'll need to not reveal the card information to third parties (e.g. try to resell it on another platform), or do anything else where we can attribute clear fault to the buyer.

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For Sellers

Discover the advantages of our Trusted Seller Guarantee, designed to protect your interests and ensure a seamless gift card selling experience.


Secure Gift Card Information

Your gift card details are safe in our system. We prioritize security throughout the whole transaction process.


Effortless Listing

Simplify the selling process. Just input the details, and wait for your giftcard to sell. We will send you the payment when it sells.


Payment Assurance

We ensure your payout when the card balance is confirmed and unaltered, even if escrow isn't released. Your financial security matters to us.

Seller 100% Guarantee Details

On top of the SafeEscrow system, WaterMelonMarkets (EVG Inc) has an additional money-forward guarantee. Simply list your card on WaterMelonMarkets, and if the buyer does not release funds but uses your card, we'll pay you the gift card amount directly, with us personally backing the guarantee. To qualify, list your card, and wait for it to be purchased and the full redemption info to be revealed. Then, if the buyer uses the card and doesn't forward funds on during the grace period, write to us, and we'll fully reimburse you!