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Massive Discounts every time you shop

Get your gift cards instantly, release funds only after you verify the card is good.

How it works

Browse for the exact stores you shop at. Our cards are conveniently sorted by largest discount and size.


Find the card you want

Browse for the exact stores you shop at. Our cards are conveniently sorted by largest discount and size.


Pay for the card

We accept USDC-Polygon from most popular smart wallets including Coinbase and Metamask.


Enjoy Your Card!

Check the balance of the card then shop online. Release your funds only after verify the card is good.

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Hundreds of gift cards at 20% to 70% off!

20%-70% or more, what are you waiting for?

Shop for gift cards that have been verified by the marketplace, and release funds to the seller only after ensuring the card is valid.
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30% Off Walmart Gift Cards that I can use this minute?

Sarah wanted to make sure she got the best prices for her dollar. Which is why she checked WaterMelonMarkets before she started shopping on Walmart for her groceries. She was in luck! She found a seller offering Walmart gift cards and got 30% off!
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*The discounts above reflect real Walmart gift cards on WaterMelonMarkets. Sarah is a composite character intended to illustrate a general user experience.*

Get Cash Unrestricted for Your Unwanted Gift Cards

Do you have extra gift cards that you want to turn into unrestricted cash? Then WaterMelonMarkets is the place for you! Takes just 3 minutes to list a card, and then wait for it to sell. Get cash instantly when it sells.
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Frequently asked questions

As a buyer, how do I know the card is valid?
WaterMelonMarkets has a unique SafeEscrow system to maximize the chance of card validity. Basically, when you buy a card, you're actually just depositing your card into Escrow. If the seller delivers a card that is not valid, you simply don't release the funds. This creates strong incentives for the seller to only offer valid cards.
I don't have strong crypto experience, what's the best way to get started?
The best way to get started is to follow our Quickstart and Guide. Users with any previous smart wallet (Metamask) have learned our system in under 5 minutes, and even those new to crypto have learned our system in under 30 minutes.
How quickly do you ship eGift cards?
For Verified gift cards, you'll get the egift card essentially immediately (via email and site within 5 minutes). Nearly all (>98%) gift cards on our site today are Verified, so your delivery is instant!
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