Seller FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Do you store my gift card information securely?
Yes — we store your information securely until a buyer purchases your card. The card information you give is only used to validate the balance manually — we never redeem or let a buyer redeem without paying.
How can I get paid out for my sale?
As a market based on cryptocurrencies, our main way of payout is via crypto. Specifically, we prefer USDC over Polygon.

If you are unable to receive USDC over Polygon or Ethereum, depending on the circumstance, we may offer an alternate payout mechanism of US gift cards.
How do you ensure that I will be paid for my sale?
The key to seller security is the SafeEscrow system. As a first step, the buyer must deposit funds, so you know you’re always dealing with a buyer with proven funds. Only after the Buyer deposits funds, is any gift card information revealed to the buyer.

After the buyer deposits funds, WaterMelonMarkets manually verifies the amount on your card, and reveals the information to the buyer.
What's the difference between a Deposit transaction and a Verified transaction?
In a Deposited Transaction, you don't need to reveal your gift card information ahead of time, so to show the buyer that you are earnest, a small deposit is required. Currently this is set to 1% of the gift card price, and this amount is returned to you after you deliver a good egift card to the buyer later on. For example, suppose you want to list a $200 Target card for $100. With the Deposit method, you need to deposit just $1 and don't need to reveal your Target gift card number or PIN. If and when a buyer buys the card, you are expected to deliver a good Target gift card of the exact specs of your listing within say, a day of their purchase. If you do so you'll receive your $1 back. If you forget and don't deliver your card, or deliver a bad card, your $1 can be forfeit.

In a Verified Transaction, you don't need to deposit any USDC / cash ahead of time, so to show the buyer that you are earnest you need to let a trusted party, WaterMelonMarkets (us), know the Full Redemption Info of the card. This consists of the serial number and any additional information required to redeem the card, such as PIN or access code. WaterMelonMarkets will manually check this information against the official brand, and if we verify its valid, we will list your card.
How do I ensure that we’re in touch throughout the transaction?
When you sign up with us, you give us your email. Please monitor this for transactions. Also, you can login to your account on our site, and read notices and monitor purchase progress there.