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About Us

About the Founders

The cofounders of WaterMelonMarkets are Fred Zhang (verify here) and Hyun Soo Kim. Together, they are serial entrepreneurs.  Fred graduated from Harvard with a degree in math and a doctorate in economics, and has started many successful startups before, including PrepScholar, an online education site, and Freedom Equity Properties, a real estate company.  Hyun graduated from MIT with a degree in Computer Science and previously cofounded a highly successful high frequency trading firm.

Both are committed to the lowest prices and highest customer satisfaction, and are glad to stake their reputation on the integrity of WaterMelonMarkets.

USA Founders, Sales, and Support

USAWaterMelonMarket’s founders, support staff, and sales staff are 100% in the USA.  We’re confident that our checkout process is fast, reliable, and secure.  But in the cases that you do want some extra help, be assured that you’ll be talking to a USA-based staff who have the understanding, authority, and discretion to solve your problem completely on the spot.


We are a US-based team of serial entrepreneurs who have founded multiple successful companies in the past. We are focusing on the needs of consumers who want to buy inexpensive items because we were end-users (both on the buyer and seller side) before we started WaterMelonMarkets. We understand that both buyers and sellers want reliability, safety, and low fees, and we’re leveraging smart contracts to solve this problem.

We have numerous satisfied customers, as you can verify yourself on the blockchain, and previously sold using Shopify under the FairMarketX brand.  We rebranded as WaterMelonMarkets to move off Shopify and add SafeEscrow as a secure reliable crypto payment method.


Our mission is to provide a market where both sellers and buyers can be assured of fast, reliable, and secure transactions..  

Where We Are

WaterMelonMarkets has a physical team and a logistics address.  Our founders and physical team are based in the Boston area and operate on US Eastern Time.  Our official physical address for mails, return logistics, and so forth is in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Contact us officially at:

8020 S Rainbow Rd #552,
Las Vegas, NV 89139

Our HQ