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Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee for Non-Gift-Card Goods

WaterMelonMarket Certified: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

As serial founders who are today specializing in getting you the lowest prices goods and services, we are extremely confident of our quality.  We’re willing to put our reputation and money on the line to give you this assurance, which we call “WaterMelonMarkets Certified” for all our non-gift-card goods.  WaterMelonMarkets Certified means you will be 100% satisfied, or otherwise get your money back easily!

Genuine, Brand-New, Factory Sealed — Double Money Back Guarantee (for all non-gift card goods)

We warrant that all physicals goods products here are totally brand new.  Not used, not refurbished, not opened.  You’ll be the first one to break the packaging straight from Apple, for example.  We warrant that all our products are factory sealed, meaning that e.g. the plastic shrink rap, the plastic bags, the sticker covers, are in their original shape.  We warrant that all products are genuine, manufactured for sale in the US market by their manufacturer, for example Apple.

We are so confident of this that we’ll give you double your money back if the product we ship you doesn’t satisfy the paragraph above.  Simply email watermelonmarkets@gmail.com , specify that your product didn’t meet the requirements above, and we’ll give you twice your money back.  Read more in our return policy.

Since gift cards’ values are summarized by the amount inside, the above factory-sealed guarantee doesn’t apply to gift cards. For gift cards we do guarantee the funds on the card exist.

We Guarantee Your 100% Satisfaction: Refund Policy

We’re confident that you’ll love the products we ship so much that we have a full refund policy.  Our refund policy is simple: if you’re not 100% happy with your product for any reason, simply email us at watermelonmarkets@gmail.com within 7 days of when your product arrives, and we’ll initiate a return for you. Read more in our return policy.

Satisfaction Guarantee for Gift Cards

We guarantee your satisfaction with the check out process as follows: if you place your order and want a refund at any time before we’ve ordered your gift card, you may request and get a full refund, even if you’ve deposited funds into SafeEscrow. Simple email us at watermelonmarkets@gmail.com and we need to receive and read your email before placing our order, and you’ll get your refund.

Also, if this is your *first* order with WaterMelonMarkets, for the first $100 of your order, if you don’t like your gift card for any reason, as long as you haven’t modified your gift card in any way, you can receive a full refund for returning it within the first 72 hours of getting your gift card.