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Buyer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Q: What is WaterMelonMarkets version 2.0 and what is your Modified Service Schedule?

A: From May 2023 to approximately June/July 2023, we’re tirelessly building WaterMelonMarkets 2.0 (WMM2) to provide you with an exceptional experience. WMM2 will feature instant delivery of verified cards and a secure way for sellers to list gift cards with a small deposit, without revealing PIN/redemption info.  Many more great features are underway.

To focus on developing these groundbreaking features, we have temporarily reduced our service schedule. We now process customer requests once a week, typically on Tuesdays.

To ensure your order is processed by the following Tuesday, submit it with all necessary details by end-of-day Monday. For example, if you place an order on Wednesday, May 3rd, it will be processed by Tuesday, May 9th. Note that any issues requiring reconfirmation may delay your order by an additional week.

Q: How quickly do you ship eGift cards?

A: During our modified service schedule, we process orders once per week on Tuesdays. Rest assured, our upcoming WMM2 will offer you an even faster and more secure gift card marketplace!

Q: Can I buy as many cards as I want?

Generally yes — there are no quantity restrictions on our cards!  

  • For your own comfort, we generally recommend you start with a smaller order, like $100 or $200, and then ensure you receive your cards fully satisfied before scaling up.
  • Many of our cards are supplied by Trusted Sellers (see below) in unlimited quantities.  Some have indicated total availability of $200K or even in the millions.  However, other gift cards by Trusted Sellers are single cards.  The best way to check is to order the card yourself, or ask us directly on Discord or email.
  • A small fraction of gift cards are Legacy Direct sold by us.  For these, we reserve the right to restrict the quantity sold per week, generally to $1000.

Q: Who are the sellers on your site?

A: Generally, our gift cards are supplied by Trusted Sellers, where another person not associated with WaterMelonMarkets is the seller.  Trusted Sellers come with our Trusted Seller Guarantee where we at WaterMelonMarkets stand behind the usability of your gift card.

Trusted Seller products say “Sold By: Trusted Seller Guaranteed” on it:

A small number of legacy gift cards are sold by us as Legacy Direct, where we at WaterMelonMarkets are the sellers ourselves.

Legacy Direct products say “Sold By: WaterMelonMarkets” on it, like below:

Q: If I buy from a Trusted Seller, what protections do I have?

A: Trusted Sellers are those where the Trusted Seller Guarantee applies.  Simply put, this substantially reduces the risk of the transaction, and we will step in to reimburse you in all reasonable cases.

Additionally we manually verify the code of many Trusted Seller products to ensure they’re good before being sent to you.

Q: Do you accept credit cards / Paypal?

A: We have not accepted credit cards or Paypal since January 2023. 

We do this to boost customer security and provide you with our top discounts.  Gift card sellers are able to give the biggest discounts when they know a buyer has secured funds put in escrow for their gift cards.

—Less Common Questions—

In this section, find the answers to some occasional questions we receive.

Q: What sort of products do you sell?

We are proud to offer genuine eGift cards from a variety of vendors, that can be immediately applied to your account.

We are also proud to offer brand new brand name electronics at a fair price to consumers. Items are sold in their original packaging. All physical products offered on WaterMelonMarkets have been evaluated by a team of technical experts for efficacy and performance.

Q: How can I find order details?

Order details can be found in your confirmation page.  We recommend you save a copy of the confirmation page for your reference, but even if you don’t, rest assured we have all your order records on file and can produce them at your request if you email us at watermelonmarkets@gmail.com 

Please add watermelonmarkets@gmail.com to your safe senders list to ensure you receive all communications related to your orders.

Q: How can I pay for my order?

The best way to pay for your order is using USDC (crypto) with our SafeEscrow system.  We have a detailed tutorial with video here.

Q: How do I contact you?

Have additional questions or need more information? Our friendly and knowledgable support team is available to assist you. Please reach out via phone to (617) 468-6853‬, email us at watermelonmarkets@gmail.com , or through any of the other ways on our contact page.

Please note that our response time is on the same schedule as our execution time. That is to say, if you reach out to us before 10AM on a business day, we’ll do our best to reply by 5PM the same day.  We do prioritize support requests from users who have paid.

Q: Do you reserve any rights to not take orders or refund orders?

Yes, like any business, we reserve the right to refuse orders, including refunding orders that have already been paid for. Orders may be refused at our sole discretion, with or without reason given. Specific reasons may include but not be limited to:

  • Your item being out of stock or difficult to procure.
  • Your item no longer being supported by the vendor.
  • Suspicious payment or source of funds.
  • The fulfillment of your transaction not being feasible, aligned with our business goals or unit economics, or not being economical because of high or unforeseen support costs.
  • Your order being associated with, at our sole discretion, a banned or rate-limited account, person, household, or group.

When your order is refused, we will generally do our best to refund your full order. Generally we are only able to refund payment amounts and not gas fees, lost opportunity, etc. For all orders, we are only liable up to the extent of funds we actually receive from you net of all fees.  Funds not received by us due to e.g. a typo in the address, lost eGift cards, etc, are not refundable.

Generally we endeavor to ensure our customers are satisfied with their experience on WaterMelonMarkets and welcome their feedback.

—For physical products only—

The following section applies only to physical products and not gift cards.  This section is not applicable for most users.

Q: [Physical Product, Not Gift Card] I’m in the USA — are all shipping, taxes, and fees included?

Yes!  If you are based in the US, all shipping, taxes, and fees are included in the price you see.  We do not need to collect sales taxes in a vast majority of cases, and in the ones we do, we’ll cover it for you.  Shipping prices are paid for by us as well.

Q: Are your products genuine?

Yes — we are well-reputed founders based in the USA, and we guarantee that all our products are genuine.

Q: How are you able to get these low prices?

We achieve low prices through a variety of means. 

  • We source from the lowest-cost distributors we can find, and pass this savings onto you. 
  • We are a funded startup, which allows us to run sales even if it’s at a loss to us.

Q: [Physical Products Only; Not Gift Cards] How soon after I order will you physically ship your item?

If you order before 5PM US Eastern Time we execute your order by 5PM the next business day after your order.  So for example, if you place your order at 10AM on Monday, the product will be executed by 5PM on Tuesday. If you place your order at 6PM on Thursday, your order will be executed by 5PM Monday.

Execution means placing the order with our genuine brand supplier. The supplier then ships out the product at their fastest normal shipping speed.  For example, for Amazon ordered products, this is via Amazon Prime and usually 2 business days. For Apple products, check your shipping speed directly at Apple.com.

Q: Will I get tracking info for my item?

Yes! We will email you tracking on the same day that the product ships and we receive that information. That way you’ll know your product is on the way.

Q: What’s your usual shipping method?

Our preferred shipping method is the fastest normal shipping of the manufacturer (e.g. Amazon Prime).

Q: I’m outside the USA — will you still ship to me?

Yes — we will ship our order worldwide, so no matter if you’re in Germany or Japan, we will ship to you!  The only items to note are:

  • The price is the same! 
  • Being outside the US, the buyer pays for the full shipping cost. 
  • We generally will use a vendor’s native shipping service (e.g. Apple in your country’s natural shipper) to directly ship to you. However, in cases the product is not deliverable that way, we will have the vendor ship to our office in the USA, and we will manually re-ship to you.